I spend a lot of time on the Twitterer (as I call it). Here’s one thing I’ve learned …

I decided a while back to unfollow a number of people who were always negative or complaining (a decision I am uber grateful for). Instead I have found a number of life-giving voices to follow: people who encourage or uplift or challenge me to better things. Also some who just make me laugh.

I also try to keep in mind what kind of voice my tweets are providing for those who follow me.

If you’re on the Twitterer too, how are you following @Paul’s direction to tweet words that build others up? (Ephesians 4v29) Are you being built up too?

Ephesians 4 here: http://bit.ly/HsWklQ




It’s social media week on the WordSpace 🙂 #brettfish and #andrewv are posting thoughts on living well in the virtual world. Got something to share on that topic? Let us know!