Check this poem out from one of our WordSpace readers:


The boisterous break bell sounds –

Demanding me to submit to another of its


Melancholy jabs the air from


30 minutes of contemplation:

To sit back by the dark recesses of toxic relationships

and to entangled myself in glossy black lies

Glazed with velvety deception

Only to be thrust deeper into the

swirling chasm of unhappiness

Or to be Bold!

To wear Confidence gleaming of newly minted coins

To embody a sun-bright Valour

To shatter the old habits

And submerge myself in the warm Renewal:

Renewal I’ve found in Jesus!

The break bell rings,

Pleasantly signalling a fresh opportunity.

A Salvation of choice.

I walk towards a welcoming stranger –

Expectant eyes meet mine.

‘Hello, my name is Kels. May I sit with you?’

A friendship sprouts.

Kelsey Naidoo