Recognise these lyrics? ‘Without your sight my eyes are weak / I am your arms, you are my feet

Please don’t let me go / With the world outside of our doors / I said please don’t let me go’

(Don’t Let Me Go – Gangs of Ballet, Listen here: http://bit.ly/1s4Wow0 ).

Fact is – you cannot be a part of the family of God all on your lonesome. Isolation places a great big target on your back (and front) like a forlorn injured little bokkie at feeding time in the Kruger. In Exodus 17, we see that as long as Moses had his bro’s helping him by lifting his arms, the Israelites were winning the battle.

Please don’t let go.

Read Exodus 17v8-13 here: http://bit.ly/1s5jt1B