Here’s a tweet from this week that’s kinda mind blowing:

@Philae2014 You’ve done a great job Philae, something no spacecraft has ever done before. #CometLanding

(check it out on Twitter)

A 10-year journey across 6.5 billion kilometres to meet up with a 4 billion year-old comet travelling at 18km per second ends with a lander taking stunning photographs of never-seen-before cometscapes (http://bit.ly/11c9yMN).

All in the same week the movie Interstellar hit cinemas around the world.

Take some time to marvel at this reminder of the vastness of space – and respond in worship to a God who is so much bigger than anything we can imagine, yet who knows the most intimate details of our lives.

Read Psalm 19 here: http://bit.ly/11c9Gf7