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Ladies, this one is for you.
I know you probably thinking that I’m about to get all romantic,
But that isn’t true.
I lack words to describe what I’m feeling.
You’ve probably been hurt alota times;
Jesus is the One who can provide healing.

My current prayer is that
I don’t want to be the guy who gives near sighted compliments.
Don’t get me wrong,
there’s nothing wrong with physical appearances,
but what good is a physically good looking body, if it’s rotting on the inside?

I want to be the type of guy
whose compliments aren’t based on what you see,
but on God sees
Because God looks at the heart.
that’s what matters most.
I know who I am, I belong to God
and for that reason I will boast

You see, a lot of girls use make up to make up for what they are not,
they hide their insecurities,
they base their whole lives on the approval of others.
1 Corinthians 6:20, shows us how we are not our own,
in your most hurtful times, Hebrew 13:5 God will never leave you alone –
He thinks you are to die for!

I know in the beginning I said this is for the ladies,
but fella’s yall better listen closely –
we think we cool huh?
Bed hopping with different faces.
truth is we need to go back to the place where Grace is –
and that’s at the foot of the cross!
Anything you lose for His name sake is not a loss!

Don’t judge me a common term
used in retaliation when correction is required.
A Heart like Gods is what we should’ve desired.
But in our sinful nature that’s not possible!
Thank God we worship a God who makes all things possible!