Here’s another poem from our writer @miloapril. It’s long but worth reading! Best read on our Facebook page or at www.thewordspace.mobi

Now I seen hurt

seen pain

stared death in its eye.

I’ve born sorrow

I’ve been helpless

seen many people cry,

I’ve been hopeless

I’ve been fearful,

contemplated suicide.

Lacked purpose,

lacked vision.

Was blind to the truth!

I was fed lies,

because I lacked identity.

So I looked for approval,

got indulged in sin

is there a heaven for a thug?

I must be getting in!

Until it hit me

there must be something more to this life,

up until now I got involved with endless strife.

My eyes are filled with tears as I write this,

I know so many people who share the same problems

they cry at night hoping to get an answer

But its eating them up from the inside,

something like Esophagus Cancer.

But I found hope and I’m willing to share it,

it’s Jesus Christ

He can carry your burden

call Him a Supplier,

because He supplies love to the needy

and heals the hurting.

He supplies strength to the weary

His Patient and Kind

He’s too much to fathom

He blows my mind,

He has a Father in Heaven

His death on the cross,

makes Him my Father too.

Now I’m a father figure,

got a nephew I can be a father to.

But what good is that if it’s not done in love?

my sole purpose is to imitate the One whom I’m madly in love with

I’m a role model, got younger people and even older folks looking up to me

but I don’t want you to be like me I want you to be like Christ!

I’m just merely a man, filled with flaws

but until my dying breath I will fight for the cause

Father, my earnest prayer is that they can have a Heart like Yours!