Over the next 5 days we’re taking 5 words that were BIG in 2014. One word that got used a LOT in 2014 was ‘nominated’ – as in nek-nominated, and ice-bucket challenge nominated.

I wonder if for some the only thing worse than getting nominated was not getting nominated.

The ice-bucket one was for a good cause – anyone still remember what ALS is about? It raised some good money for treating that horrible disease.

I loved how some South Africans turned the nek-more-booze-than-your-friends dare into challenging people to beat their acts of kindness (http://bit.ly/1zHQ7bu).

What kinds of things can you nominate yourself – or your friends – to take seriously next year? And as Paul says in Romans 12v1-3 – what broken or messed-up things in your world could you transform into something better?

Romans 12 here: http://bit.ly/1ad4b0E