It’s one mega #teens2teens post today. Here are the tributes to Nelson Mandela our readers sent in yesterday.

Nelson Mandela ~ “on my grave want it to say ‘here lies a man that did what he was meant to do on earth'” you definitely deserve that , u deserve the best , pray that u ascend peacefully into heaven O:) Brenda, 15

An iconic and legendary man, one with a soul full of joy, a heart of determination, an inspirer through the mirrors of history, a full display heart passionate about peace, freedom and unity. A born son of the African soil, a peculiar spirit, a leader for the people and an unforgettable hero, father, freedom fighter and wise man. Meet The Legend of legends on your immortality journey. Farewell true and brave heart. I salute you Tate Nelson Mandela <3 Thank you, Tata, for all your sacrifices, your contributions, and finally; dedicating your life so that I could be born free. Your efforts to secure the freedom of our nation will never be forgotten. Uhambe kakuhle. Kuhle M, 18 I dnt really know Nelson Mandela I’ve never seen Nelson Mandela but I know a lot about him u, Nelson Mandela is my Hero nd the legend of the people he’s a true father 2 everyone we love him, we loved him and will always love him, we mourn 4 a great Leader, to us youngsters he has paved a way 4 us… May his soul REST IN PEACE:'( :'( Tata, you have shown us through your actions how to behave not as whites or blacks, but as people. We are eternally grateful for you love and compassion towards your country and will never forget you… I hope that as your weary eyes closed for the last time, there was peace in them, for it is exactly what you deserve. May you have a blessed afterlife.. Van Wyk, 16 A great man is no more. Thank You Tata Madiba for being the vessel GOD had planned for your life to be. You were truly a hero, father, husband and man that were accountable for what you stand for and believed in. President Mandela you will never be forgotten by a nation you strived to help build, loved and a country you believed in, rest in peace icon. Ursula Nelson Mandela he made me a born free, because of him I can go to school and I can do anything in this world, thank God for such a beautiful soul!! May his soul rest in the Lord’s hand. Nondumiso, 18 The words ‘THANK YOU’ alone can never be enough or measured against the legacy Madiba has left. Today we are able to live in unity together because of the freedom he fought for us back then. Let us not weep over his death but stand together as a nation and continue the good deeds he had started. Khosi, 17 I jst want 2 say thank u Madiba 4 all ur hard work and hardship dat strengthened our Country. I knw u are a true legend. Ayanda, 15 Nelson Mandela wasn’t in my life for a long time but he surely made a difference in others…. He was a legacy and I hope we can all follow his footsteps. x-x Courtney, 13 Nelson Mandela changed the world and inspired us as young individuals his a really great inspiration to everyone I am thankful for what he has done for our country Thank You Madiba your legacy will live on. Nikita, 14 Nelson Mandela, a South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, 27 years imprisoned , teaching sympathetic lessons to prison guards during his time behind bars and then became the first black president. There are many ways to describe our former president, one of which is heroic. Heroic because he decided to stand up for our rights , despite what would happen to him if he did , he and many others fought for us , so that we can be proudly South African in a multi-racial country , where we can be free to share the responsibilities of an anti-racism country. Across the globe people are mourning because of his death, because of the difference he made and what a great influence he is and was to every human being. No words can adequately describe this enormous loss to our nation and to the world , Hamba Kahle Madiba. (July 18,1918 – December 5,2013) You will truly be missed. Cassidy, 14 Nelson Mandela did lots for us and loved others he will always be in our heart and will be missed. Thank you lord for being with Tata for 95 years and we know where he is. please be with his family Amen. Kirsty, 12 I see Nelson Mandela as a role model, not only for me but for the entire nation, if we can all strive to be like him, this country would have less corruption and evil in it. Everyone would be TRULY equal. Bradford, 16 This is a tribute to Nelson Mandela . U are and were the best person ever. U fought for our freedom thank u . You’re the best president we ever had. Lesley, 14 thank you Nelson Mandela for fighting for freedom. Thank you for being an amazing president, it’s sad that you passed away and we’ll miss you but we know you are in a better place. We love u Madiba<3 Jami, 15 Thank you Tata for giving us permission to see the person God created and not the colour some in society saw instead. I appreciate you. Love Kelsey, 24 Tata even though you have passed your legacy will forever be cherished and lived on in hearts, homes and communities. We thank you for bringing stability and justice in our nation, thank you Tata for your sacrifice. God’s power is with us all the time and you chose to take the next step and allowing yourself to be imprisoned for the great cause call freedom. Hamba kathle Tata Madiba. Michael, 13 Nelson though I was oblivious to politics and so on, I always knew you were a good man, that’s why I’m sad you left the world, but happy that you are at peace, and in God’s hand, thank you for putting in my heart to love people of all race. Gareth, 15 It sad yes his gone yes! He did great for the country the world the youth n all generations! He fought, inspired n made history! Yes we love him yes its painful but life goes on!!! He was old he was also human he wasn’t gonna live forever. Enhle Nelson Mandela: our kind hearted hero, when he had power he never thought of revenge but forgiveness therefore he will be remembered as a great role model… RIP TATA O:) Angel, 18 Nelson Mandela was a father. A Tata, of our nation, and later the world. He brought among peace, forgiveness and grace throughout this country and it spread to others through his unselfish acts. Madiba taught us about freedom, the kind where we respect others and not just the kind considered when thinking of imprisonment. He was a role model, an icon of our country, and most of all he was an instrument of God. Today he met the Lord, and all I can see is Madiba running through the golden gates, healthy as can be, into the arms of our Eternal Tata. Cara, 15. We lost a father, a hero n legend………TATA LALA NGOXOLO U WILL ALWAYZ BE IN OUR HEARTS……RIP……..LONG LIVE THE SPIRIT OF TATA NELSON MANDELA……LONG LIVE. Caitlin, 14 Madiba, only some of us had the privilege to meet you in person, to see what a wonderful person you were. You might be gone but your legacy will stay forever. I am proud to say that I am a South African and that we had a wonderful man like you living in South Africa. RIP forever. Johan, 19. Nelson Mandela was a great man of our country. He changed South Africa in a totally new way without violence, or murdering anybody. He lived a good life we should remember Nelson Mandela not as the person that was sick in hospital or the man in prison but the man who was a legend. I am proud to say that Nelson Mandela was a true hero. Saskia, 13 Mandela was a great man and he made history, he was different beautiful his eyes said so much abt his heart he had a heart of love with love he overcame:) love him stax Madiba, because of you I can have friends of any colour… He showed the world that the colour of your skin did not matter. His forgiveness and mercy were outstanding. We will always love you Tata. Hope, 17 We thank God for granting us such a greater leader. Tata Madiba was an inspiration to many, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Bonisiwe, 20
If it wasn’t for Mr. Mandela. I wouldn’t be alive today, mixed marriages were forbidden as a cause of the strict control Apartheid government had over South African. He spent his life fighting for the freedom of South African citizens which then had a domino effect on the rest of the world. I thank God for creating Mr Mandela, he helped steer the way for a better South Africa. Hannah