Here’s the beginning of a famous prayer in code – can you work out what it is?


The prayer was one of many written by an old woman dying of cancer. She wrote just the first letters of words (hint!) she could no longer say out loud. Check the story here: http://bit.ly/MgyewR

Here’s the thing. When this woman was near death the only thing on her mind was praying to God from the Psalms and prayers she had memorised while growing up.

What Psalms and prayers are shaping your prayer life? What are you memorising now that you can pray at any time – even on your death bed!?

Cracked the code yet? Hint#2: It’s from Matthew 6v9 (http://bit.ly/1hltVNh )

This week on the WordSpace we’ll post a prayer each day that’s worth memorising. Got any suggestions?