Imagine Dragons’ song ‘Demons’ is pretty popular http://bit.ly/17JSdJs)” target=”_blank”>(http://bit.ly/17JSdJs).. I wonder how many people liked it because the lyrics spoke into their lives:

‘Don’t get too close / It’s dark inside / It’s where my demons hide / It’s where my demons hide.’

In the gospels, demons hid quietly in the weirdest places – like the synagogues, the churches of the time. Until Jesus walked in. Then they freaked out – before getting booted out (Mark 1v21-28).

Are you tired or scared of the darkness inside? There may not be any real demons around but Jesus loves to bring light and freedom wherever he is allowed in. He just needs to be let in…

Read Mark 5v1-20 here: http://bit.ly/17JSdJs