Happy Easter everyone, Christ is risen! Here’s the last of our special Easter posts. It’s long but keep scrolling – it’s worth it…

Despised and rejected
by those whom He selected
lost in our defiling state
but He came with a plan,
a reconciling fate

He took the form of a man
and yet He was fully God
the Pharisees didn’t understand this
to them, it seemed odd

all they saw from God’s big picture was just a pixel
you see, sin entered through one man: Adam
but Jesus came so it can leave through Him
that way He reunites us to His Father

He was treated harshly
but still He remained humble
He was tempted in every way
and yet He did not stumble

He was scarred physically
and was bruised for our sin
you see, He did more than just wash our sins away
He also put us back to God’s standard
now this was a very requiring task
His very life it demanded

He died for the very same people
that yelled CRUCIFY HIM!
But they did not know this
they were about to kill God’s Son
this too, they did not notice.

Many though don’t understand that this was God’s will
therefore it had to be done,
to forgive a dying people
He had to give up His Son

Now back to the cross, when
They were hanging Christ on it. It was mourning time, but 3 days later the Son
Roze like it was morning time

For that He was the perfect ransom for our sins. He stands knocking at the door of your heart, but will you let Him in?
@milo april