Justin Bieber is in SA next month. Let’s warm up (or not!) with these lyrics for #yoursoundtrack today.

‘There’s a dream in my soul / a fire that’s deep inside me / there’s a me no-one knows / waiting to be set free’ (Born to Be Somebody)

That’s true right? We’d all love to know who we really are and that our lives matter.

Believe (get it?) it or not, that desire was placed deep inside us when God created us to reflect his character in the world. The catch is that Jesus said: “if you really want to set the ‘me no-one knows’ free, then give yourself to me.” (Matthew 16v25)
Right idea Justin, but maybe not the way you think?

Read Matthew 16 here: http://bit.ly/XCRjxx
Check the video here: http://bit.ly/gjGS4h