Imagine betrayal, pain and hopelessness at being oppressed by a government that promised you freedom and equality – but you’re suffering under laws and traditions that disadvantage you and make you worth LESS than everyone else.

Imagine the joy of liberation … Vryheid! Nkululeko! FREEDOM!
Vusi Musewe wrote an article imagining the joy of freedom for his homeland, Zimbabwe. Read it here ( http://bit.ly/12WJhx3 )

We look forward to an even bigger FREEDOM DAY! One that comes with the inauguration of King Jesus. He has won our liberation struggle! He’s returning soon and when He does it will be the BIGGEST AFTER-PARTY ever!

Romans 8:18-21: ‘That’s why I don’t think there’s any comparison between the present hard times and the coming good times…’ read the rest here: http://bg4.me/ZlhqYA