I find this picture fascinating. It’s somewhere between 9000 and 13000 years old in a cave in Argentina. A whole bunch of people – generations maybe? – left their handprints on a wall by blowing paint through bone pipes over their hands. More here:http://bit.ly/1TbhZRI

Deep in our human DNA is the desire to feel significant, to leave our mark, to say ‘hey, I’m here!’

What does your cave wall look like? What are you pursuing as you find a way to say ‘This is me. I’m here!’?

The Bible tells a story of a God who creates us with something of his divine nature inside us. A God who says ‘I see you!’ and who then says: ‘go leave your mark on the world.’

Does that sound like a story you could be part of? A God you might want to get to know?

Photo cred:Marianocecowski