One of the dumbest things I’ve ever tried to do is grow a garden at the same time as raising a Labrador. So many beautiful plants mauled by those puppy paws…

Two plants that did survive was a pair of Cat’s Tail ferns. Maybe it was the cat thing or the fact their Latin name is Asparagus densiflorus. No vegetables for that dog…

But here’s the thing – the two plants are 1 meter apart yet one has grown into a massive clump of bushy tails, the other is so small you can hardly find it. Positioning is everything for those plants.

Is that the same for us? Can we position ourselves so we absorbthe things that cause us to grow – or remain small? Or maybe there’s something that keeps trying to wreck our growth that we need to avoid?

What ONE thing can you do this week to put yourself in the flow of grace? Maybe it’s making up with a friend, or sharing a meal, or talking to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to. Maybe taking some time to listen to God.

It may make all the difference.

Read Psalm 5 here:by