God is abundantly good.
(See Psalm 145:7)

God is gracious and compassionate.
(See Psalm 145:8)

God is slow to anger.
(See Psalm 145:8)

God is rich in love.
(See Psalm 145:8)

God is trustworthy in all He promises.
(See Psalm 145:13)

God is faithful in all He does.
(See Psalm 145:13)

God is righteousin all His ways.
(See Psalm 145:17)

All of this was found in one Psalm in the Bible! Imagine how much you would get to know God by reading more of this book or other books in the Bible. Now don’t just imagine it – do it! If you want to know God more, read His Word.
Read Psalm 145 here – http://bit.ly/2NxmrKD