I’m not moving away, I’m not changing schools, I’m not leaving anything I do now, I’m just trying to change who I am.

From who I am now to who I want to be – the girl who doesn’t gossip about her friends, the girl who doesn’t make hurtful jokes (even if they just are jokes), the girl whose not the most amazing sports player or academic but she doesn’t have to be… I want to be the girl people can come to when they have a problem and not worry that I’ll make fun of them or share their problems with the rest of the world.

Why? Because if there had been this girl around for me when I needed her… life would be very different… and if everyone was like this girl, well lets try one dream at a time…
Laura, grade 11, Cape Town
Read Colossians 3:12-15 here: http://bit.ly/18OEZzw

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