A Different Kind Of Lent

Lent is something that comes around every year about 5 minutes too late for me.

I hear someone is giving up chocolate or coffee and I’m like ‘Oh no, just missed it!’

[With a secret ‘Phew!’ on the inside]

However, this year I decided to give it a try, but instead of removing something for 40 days, I decided to add something different every day.

So I started a blog series where every day we observe Lent – the 40 day period leading up to Easter in a different way (http://bit.ly/1nru3yJ)

Times of silence. Making an opportunity to thank someone. Weeping with someone in pain. Reading a bible passage. Listening to a worship song. Each activity designed to put the focus on loving God and loving people as we get closer to celebrating Easter.

Do you have some friends who might be interested in doing something like this with you, even for just a week?

Verse 10 of Psalm 46 here – http://bit.ly/1nru2uM