Cape Town had some huge fires on the mountains this week (check out these pics: http://bit.ly/1DUDDN6 ). Here are two responses from WordSpace readers.

I was really encouraged by the all the volunteers who helped out not only with the fires but also those who donated food and handed out parcels to others who have lost their homes so inspiring!!

It just shows you anyone can help! And God provides for everyone’s needs 🙂


There’s a valuable lesson we can learn from the raging fires on the Cape Town mountains Just as the person who so recklessly threw the cigarette stump on the floor without thinking, we also do things to wreck the world that God so lovingly created for us.

God created the world and gave us everything we need – yet we use more than we need. We destroy so much without thinking. And then we sin further by thinking ‘ah it’s not so bad’!

My thoughts and prayers go out to those fighting the fire and those who have been affected by it.