What would you do if someone deposited R250 000 into your account and it seemed like no-one would ever know? Seriously, how much cool stuff could you buy with that?!

That actually happened to a 16-year old in Georgia, USA recently. The guy bought himself a car and a whole lot of McDonald’s meals :/

Psalm 33v5 says: ‘The Lord loves righteousness and justice, the whole earth is filled with his unfailing love’

Righteousness is about being in right relationship with God, with yourself, and with others – even the people who make mistakes. Righteousness is about loving people – even (especially!) when no-one’s looking.

The guy eventually turned himself in to the police.

How much space is there in your heart for doing things the ‘right-relationship’ way?

Ask God for more?

Psalm 33 here: http://bit.ly/Pcq1dY