It started with some poo plastered all over a massive statue anchored to an immovable concrete block. Then #rhodesmustfall became #rhodesjustfell (or something like that) as the crane moved onto UCT campus this week.

If they were still alive, a bunch of old South African leaders would be wondering what will happen to their statues too http://bit.ly/1I2NUKT

The Bible tells a story of things in history going great, then terribly, then (well, it’s complicated). But we know how it ends. Jesus, on the great throne, says: ‘Look! I’m making all things new’ (Revelation 21v5).

ALL things. NEW. Yeah, that includes the dodgy statues in our lives – the big reminders we all live with (right?) of the ways we’ve messed up, been hurt, or have hurt others.

Yes please Jesus, bring it on!

Revelation 21 here:by