The Reason Why We celebrate

Here’s an Easter poem from our writer and resident DJ #miloapril. It’s long but worth it – keep reading! Full text at

Amazing Grace

There was once a time when man walked in perfection

a time when man knew nothing about God’s rejection

Now we need to understand that man was only perfect

because God made him that way.

That’s right folks, man had no hand in his own perfection,

And even as he fell, God still clothed him Genesis 3:21

Now that’s Grace!

Though the fall came with a curse

one that could not be reversed!

separation from the One True God

which ultimately results in physical death

something we can only fully perceive with a hearse

But its far more than that!

death means that you are separated from God’s Grace

which happens when you go to hell.

simply put it’s a place for sinners, like you and me

Thank God that is not where i end

Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God

Yes, the very same Jesus whom God chose to send

came as the God-Man 100% divinity!

To fulfil a plan in place

I call it Spiritual Immunity

Now that’s Grace!

The same Jesus came to reconcile us to God

Now think about this for a second

naturally we are born sinners

meaning that we deserve nothing but hell

So Jesus, God the Son…

coming down to reconcile us with His Father

is something that seems odd, Right?

But even then, the plan wasn’t entirely fulfilled.

In order for us to be forgiven of our sins

The very same God, Jesus had to die in our place.

You see, without the shedding of Blood there can be no forgiveness of sin

So not only did Jesus Christ, The Son of God, Emmanuel die for us on the cross

He also took our place. Simply put,

on that cross that night, it was supposed to be you and me.

So when He said it is finished, before breathing His last Breath.

I stand here before you, proudly saying that


And He’s the reason why we celebrate,

though this Day has been fabricated and has been reduced to chocolate!

I bring you a sweet reminder: Jesus Loves you and thinks that you are to die for!