The Script’s song Hall of Fame is a pretty great exam and studying psych-up soundtrack. The music video is worth watching too.http://bit.ly/1Sa3QRk

Becoming good at something is hard work. It’s about dragging yourself out of bed, doing the chores, getting things wrong, absorbing defeats, trying again.

Our popular culture is kinda obsessed with ‘everyone knowing your name’ and being famous. I’m not sure that’s what God wants us to pursue BUT there’s another kind of ‘hall of fame’ – the one in which God says to each of us ‘well done my faithful servant’.

Doing the stuff needed to become that kind of great – requires unglamorous, un-fun, disciplined hard work. Even the studying kind …

Keep going! (or wake up and get going!)

Read the story of the faithful servant in Matthew 25v14-30 here: by