What makes faith hard #2 (part 3): Standing up for what you believe. Standing up for what I know is right in front of my friends at school:

Standing up for what you know is right takes wisdom and courage. We often need wisdom to figure out what issues are worth standing up for…

… and which ones to leave alone.

Too many Christians have got in the way of God’s Kingdom by getting upset about the wrong things. Like protesting outside

‘evil’ concerts or judging their friends for what they do.

Jesus shocked people by going to parties with stoners and prostitutes (Mark 2v13-17). Other times he made angry stands against injustice (Mark 11v15-19).

Jesus knew that true holiness is about being right with God AND being lovingly present in the dark and messy places so that lost people could discover God’s love for themselves.

Do you need to ask God what true holiness in your life looks like?

Philippians 4v5-15 here: http://bit.ly/18WWis4