Does the idea of figuring out what to do with your life make you excited or a bit scared?

Check out these lyrics from Mumford and Sons:

‘But wasn’t it you who said I was not free / And wasn’t it you who said I needed peace / And now it’s you who’s floored by fear of it all’ (Broad-shouldered beasts: listen here: http://bit.ly/1cz0hEf )

Freedom and peace are awesome. Being full of fear not so much. And yet fear is such a close companion sometimes, right? Fear of things not working out, or just being average, or getting hurt in some way.

Jesus had to keep on telling thedisciples he called to do big things not to be scared stiff too.

‘And it’s alright / Take it out on me’

Are those words you need to hear from God today?

Try just letting God know about the things you’re afraid of. See what happens.