‘Sticks and stones only break your bones, but words can tear your heart out’ (Steve Turner). That’s true right?

David has some hectic words spoken to him before he takes on Goliath,: ‘your heart is evil, ‘you’re only a boy’, ‘I’ll give your flesh to the birds’ (1 Samuel 17v28-44)

I love how David shakes off those word-bombs and keeps going. His secret? Maybe he’d learned to just BE who he was. David’s relationship with God helped him be comfortable in his own skin. That released David to DO amazing things – no matter what opposed him.

Are you amped to DO things for God? Do you need to learn to just BE a God-loved person first?

Read what Paul said about this in Ephesians 2v8-10 here: http://bit.ly/1gpUIbd