What makes faith hard: ‘staying on the right path and not giving into temptation’, ‘I lie all the time’:

It happened again yesterday. I heard the question. I knew the truth. And as much as I felt bad for doing it, I said something completely different. ‘Yes I have’ (I haven’t), ‘I meant to call you’ (I totally didn’t), ‘I’m fine’ (I’m really broken).

Why am I so afraid to speak the truth? My body isn’t fooled – my itchy nose and blushing cheeks feel awkward. I suspect my friends aren’t fooled much either…

Jesus, speak gently to my heart. It’s the source of everything I say. Help it to trust you more. Heal what’s broken inside. I want to find freedom in the truth of my words.

Luke 6:45 here: http://bit.ly/14XW9XL

Proverbs 4:23 here: http://bit.ly/18kuXTh