I think Jesus got what it meant to be ‘righteous’ – not like those ‘more-holy-than-you-could-ever-be’ religious leaders who didn’t care about people with wrecked hands just because it was a Sunday.

Jesus ‘righteousness’ took him into the hovels where the prostitutes and city rejects hung out and got high or whatever it was they did. This Jesus-style ‘righteousness’ was all about letting people see that there was another way of doing life and that they could be loved too (as impossible as that might have seemed to them).

Jesus’ ‘righteousness’ compelled him to suffer quietly under a thorny crown and unforgiving nails – so he could show us we’re lovable too.

Yes, you.

I prefer that kind of righteousness. Don’t you?

Read Matthew 5v6 and v17-20 here: http://bit.ly/X090I9

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