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His plans. Read Jeremiah 29:11 (https://bit.ly/1nBkYpl) When driving to a destination you’re not familiar with, you run the risk of getting lost (Depending on how bad you are with directions). But there’s one thing to remember, and that is, even when we get lost, the road to the destination doesn’t change. It’s still the same […]


In Thunder Force, two childhood friends use science to become superheroes who can fight crime committed by miscreants who use their superpowers for bad purposes. This crime fighting duo called Thunder Force seek justice even if it puts themselves in harm’s way. One of the core themes that runs through the Bible is justice, it […]


Follow God, find joy Read Proverbs 8:32-34 (https://bit.ly/3xNVXfd) This passage highlights, that as children of God we are to listen to Him. Today this could mean listening to the instructions God sets out for us in the Bible, listening to godly men and women who teach us and to our parents who God has placed […]


Blank canvas I can’t help but think, of what God was thinking, when He was busy creating us. What our journey would be like, the people we’d be, the personalities we’d have, what likes and dislikes we’d have etc. When God made us, we were a blank canvas before Him, ready for the artist to […]