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BELOVED Switchfoot have this great new album, Interrobang and on there is a song called, Beloved.Here are some lyrics: Oh, if only I could open up my eyes / Would the truth be what would set me free?If only I could open up my eyes / Would I see that maybe I need You / […]


Our Help. I watched in shock and horror video footage of the looting and destruction going on in areas of KZN I know well that I had called home. Have you seen or experienced the same where you live? It can make us feel like God is M.I.A Read Psalm 124 (https://bit.ly/3CUziQG)“If the Lord had […]


Bless me. Can you count how many times you wanted to press the reset button? For a new life, a fresh start. In Genesis 31 (https://bit.ly/3CLSWOB) we see Jacob trying to do exactly that. Haunted by the memory of his past. In Genesis 32 (https://bit.ly/2ZXTLFO), Jacob goes back home to reconcile with his family – […]


Yes Man! This movie is one of my personal favourites!Someone once said: “The world’s a playground. You know that when you’re a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets is.” – Allison We’re so tired of our lives, of doing chores and homework; maybe even having never-ending stress at school that without thinking, often […]