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Did you get asked this week to re-broadcast something to prove that you love God or to receive ‘rich blessings’? Did you get worried when you saw a black cat or forgot to do something you’re superstitious about?

In Colossians 2v8 Paul says ‘Don’t get taken captive by empty human ideas! For us that includes all those threats, promises or superstitions that float around on BBM and everywhere else in the social media world.

Jesus is in charge now. He completely disarmed all the forces of evil that might be out to get you when he died on the cross (Colossians 2v15). There’s nothing you need to rebroadcast, or avoid because of superstition to bring blessing or keep you safe!

Read Colossians 2 here: http://bit.ly/X9afjJ
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How can I be a Christian and know what to do about my friends who are into getting drunk or hooking up with each other? That’s a huge question! In Colossians 4v5-6, Paul gives four ways to begin to respond:

Ask God for wisdom to know your limits and weakness to temptation; find ways to love and care for your friends wherever you go; don’t judge your friends in what you say but let your words and actions show what God is growing in you.

Wisdom, love, grace, flavour. Ask God to give you more of those and help you show your friends what real life is really about.

Read Col 4v5-6 here: http://bit.ly/118fZe4
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Has reading Colossians this week changed your ideas of who Jesus is? Yes or no, here’s a great worship-response from Starfield:

‘I have not much to offer you / not near what you deserve / but still I come because your cross / has placed in me my worth.

O Christ my king of sympathy / whose wounds secure my peace / Your grace extends to call me friend / your mercy sets me free.

I know I’m week / I know I’m unworthy / to call upon your name.
But because of your grace / because of your mercy / I stand here unashamed’

Grace. Mercy. Unashamed. Live free in that today!
Watch the video here (http://bit.ly/18qJuA)
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Do you think that being a Christian is all about trying hard to be good? If you fail then you don’t deserve God’s presence?

If so, then Delete. That. Thinking. Now.

Go and read what Paul says in Colossians 3: Learn to see your life from God’s perspective; resist the things that drag you away from God; learn to love people more. Breathe in the peace Jesus brings and the Words Jesus speaks. Live like the amazingly loved child of God that you are.

Just the tiniest bit of faith in Jesus makes you 100% OK with God. Invite God to be present and watch the ‘goodness’ in you begin to grow.

Shame off you, grace on you!
Colossians 3 here: http://bit.ly/11c1gNS
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