Don’t settle.

It’s easy to say “Trust in God” but when things get tough, we run around like headless chickens. These are the moments when we must dive deeper into Jesus.

Every day, each of us experience a miracle from God. You’re breathing, you got to your destination safely, etc. He is in the tiny details too. It’s easy to have faith, but difficult to keep it.

When you look at how He carries you through each day, how can you settle for unbelief?
With so many daily miracles, it’s quite pointless to doubt Him.
When waves of doubt wash over you, ask God to help you keep the faith.

Mark 9:23-24 (https://bit.ly/3qF202w)



The BIG.

Sometimes you may feel small. These are lies from Satan.
We were all created and destined for purpose.

When God told Deborah to tell Barak to go and fight against the enemy, he was afraid and asked Deborah to go with him. She boldly went with him. But the victory went to Deborah. God used a woman to win the battle, this was an uncommon victory but God trusted her greatly.

You’re not insignificant or so small that God cannot use you.
No matter how unimportant you may feel, God can and will trust you with big things.
Have faith!

Judges 4:3-9 (https://bit.ly/36aecyR)



Seek His Selah

We live in a world that becomes tougher by the day. It can become overwhelming to be the light in a dark world. News of war, sickness, death, etc. can throw you a sucker punch.

Breathe in and out.

It’s okay to pause and soak in the Selah of Jesus.
You can’t save the world, the load was never yours to carry, so put it down.
Allow Him to strengthen your spirit to do what you are called to do – the rest is up to Jesus.
He carried the weight of the world on His shoulders, so you wouldn’t have to.

Psalms 46:10 (https://bit.ly/3wcd3l5)



Break every chain

It’s been over one year since this messy pandemic.
But some of us are still battling daily.

The Israelites were freed from 400 years of slavery. They saw Yahweh pour out plagues upon Egypt to make Pharaoh let them go, part the sea to save them, and send them manna every day to provide for them in the wilderness.
Exodus 16:35 (https://bit.ly/2UbRtzN)

But they still complained and doubted God.
They needed to rid themselves from that slave mindset before they could step into the Promised Land.

Are you struggling to have faith in your wilderness?
I want to encourage you to trust God to break those chains that are holding you down.