God is like The Arrow. Oliver Queen has a mentor who teaches him to shoot arrows with deadly accuracy.

God is also described as an archer: The LORD thundered from heavenHe shot his arrows and scattered the enemies (Psalm 18v13,14). Sometimes we can think of God as gentle Jesus meek and mild but he is a fearsome fighter who skilfully protects and rescues us from our powerful enemy.

God also trains us in the ways of battle. It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfectHe trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.(Psalm 18v32,34). How’s your combat training going?

Read Psalm 18v29-42: http://bit.ly/15akCFf


God is like Captain America. Steve Rogers, a puny young man with a warrior’s heart, is given a serum that turns him into a shield wielding super soldier who fights for his country.

God doesn’t need any serum. He is already the ultimate warrior who fights on behalf of his people. He is also described as being our shield. Listen to some more descriptions – my Rock, loving God, fortress, stronghold, deliverer, refuge (Psalm 144v1,2). Wow!

You may feel like a puny Steve Rogers but God strengthens you to fight alongside him. We’ve been designed to be warriors in God’s army.

Let’s fight that good fight of faith (1Timothy 6v12).

Read Psalm 144 here: http://bit.ly/13RNjrd