God Knows You

Lol did you know that some of our hair falls out every day? (someone fact check that haha, I heard/read that somewhere) How many hairs do you think you have on your head? Do you know yourself that well? My mommy always tells me that she knows me better than I know myself.

Let me tell you, God knows me better than my mommy. Our Father God knows everything about us, more than we know about ourselves because He knows us completely!

Luke 12:7 (https://bit.ly/353MeFq)
God sees us and God knows us fully, all of us and He still loves us.




God loves you so much!

I’m going to say that again and let it really sink in: GOD LOVES YOU! He looks on us with love People, the Creator of the entire universe – every mountain, ocean, star, planet, galaxy – the Creator LOVES YOU!!

sidenote: we worship the Creator, not the creation – Deuteronomy 4:15-20 (https://bit.ly/2YJQ8mr)

Jesus loved us first and showed us this through His death for our sins! Romans 5:8 (https://bit.ly/2GrQO61) says, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

Know that you are loved by God today.



Child of God

Our Father God sees us, His children,as exactly that, His children.
(Read John 1:12 –https://bit.ly/3BedlLI)

Our earthly parents/guardians are not perfect (and neither are we, so cut them some slack) but God is perfect. He loves us perfectly. He is the perfect Father and takes care of and provides for His children!!!
Read Matthew 7:9-11 here:https://bit.ly/3l96Ns5

Have you made the decision to become a child of God? I invite you to make that decision right now! Talk to a Christian, a youth leader, a pastor, who can guide you on how to do this 🙂



He’s looking for you.

Have you ever lost something really important? Recently I lost my ID card and I had to look everywhere for it. I looked in all my clothes pockets, under the seats in the car, everywhere. Just like I’ve gone all out looking for my ID card, in the parable inLuke 15 :8-10 (https://bit.ly/2VnDFO0) we see the woman looking for a lost coin, andrejoices when she finds it.

The lengths God goes to, to find us and the celebration He has when He does, shows the value God places on us. God sees you as valuable and precious. Praying that you’ll understand how much He values you.