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How do you ‘feel’ God’s presence? I was running one day on the mountain in the middle of a storm. I stopped to rest and watch the driving rain. Suddenly, I had an unmistakable feeling of the closeness of the Creator. I didn’t say or hear anything, but I could feel God next to me, around me, with me.

Jesus often left the noise and distraction to spend time with his Father – even when things were crazy busy. (Mark 1v35)

Can you find a quiet space this week where the only one who has your attention is God? It really doesn’t matter as long as you’re alone with Him.

Mark 1 here: http://bit.ly/1b3vQ39
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‘Take off your shoes, your feet are dirty. I’m gonna wash them quick’
‘No ways man – that’s a servant’s job, where’s your self-respect?’
‘Just give me your feet Peter, this is important’
‘But you’re our teacher, our master. People like you don’t do things this messy. It’s undignified!’
‘Yeah probably not – until now. I want you guys to help me start a new thing. If you call me Lord then find ways to be servants to each other. I know it sounds crazy, but you have no idea of the kind of impact you’ll have in this lost world if you copy me.’
‘Come, take off your shoes’

Read the whole story in John 13 here: http://bit.ly/11wsmz8
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