Have you ever been doing something and felt uneasy about it or felt prompted to go and speak to somebody? Often this is God speaking through His SPIRIT.

The Spirit prompts Peter in Acts 10:19-20 (https://bit.ly/3pPhmQe) to go with the men Cornelius sent, as a result many people came to Christ. Through His Spirit God shows us what we should do. If unsure about what He says, check what the Bible says, for the Spirit will never prompt you to do something that goes against His word.

When the Spirit prompts, listen, do it and see what God will do.
Lord, draw me closer to your Spirit to hear your promptings.




We sing a lot of songs in church about God’s faithfulness. And it’s easy to believe He is faithful when things are going well, isn’t it? I’ve had a year when I really had to question whether I believe God is faithful or not. Maybe you have too?

The thing is, we know from the Bible that God is faithful. If God never changes, then His faithfulness never changes either. Even when times are hard. His plans might not look like ours, but we know He works for our good and has good plans for us. Hold onto that truth.

2 Timothy 2:13 (https://bit.ly/3tis30W)




This name of God means “Judge” or “Creator”. It also means “God” but not just any god, the God of Israel. Elohim means God is the one and only God, the OG.

Psalm 139:13-14 (https://bit.ly/3fHQSxD)

This is one of my favourite verses. I love how it highlights God as my Creator. How He was intimately involved as I developed in my mom’s tummy. How He took time to knit me together with such care. And how He says I’ve been wonderfully made. On a down day, this never fails to lift my spirits. The God of the universe, thinks I, Nikki am wonderful!



Jehovah Raah

This name of God means “the Lord my Shepherd”. When the Bible was written, shepherds would lovingly care for their flock, leading them to food and water and protecting them from wild animals.

Psalm 23 (https://bit.ly/3l9wAy4)

This name of God is found in Psalm 23. This is one of my favourite psalms which I have memorised (the order is sometimes all wrong but the basics are there.) You can read it when afraid, overwhelmed, tired or struggling with a bully (enemy as the psalm calls it). Close your eyes and imagine each scene of each verse. It’s a wonderful way to calm an anxious heart and mind.