Creation sermon.

Have you read the book of Job? In chapter 38 (https://bit.ly/3uA8gtB), God asks Job such great questions about creation, like:

“Where does light come from and where does darkness go?”
“Where is the path to the source of light?
“Where is the home of the Eastwind?

The world is full of wonderful things that help me get to know God. I’m fascinated by the variety of birds, like the formation of geese as they fly. (My list is endless.)

What in nature reminds you of our Mighty and Wonderful Creator God?
Read Romans 1: 20 (https://bit.ly/2REk2EK)

Creation is a loud sermon pointing us to the Creator.
Are you paying attention?



The Plant Outside

It’s been just over a year since our world was turned upside down by this pandemic! I recently heard, “we’re all in the same river, but in different boats.” We’ve all experienced lockdown and COVID19 in different ways.

Here’s a question: How have you experienced God?

There’s a plant on my stoep. Throughout the seasons, it changes – new shoots have, some flowers, and then in the winter, bare. The plant is still there and still alive – surviving all seasons and conditions.

God cares for that plant, He cares even more for you and me.
We’ve been battered.
But we’re still here.

Hebrews 13:5 (https://bit.ly/2A82aZM)




Why don’t I hear God speak?

Psalm 86:6-7 (https://bit.ly/3guGsCR) tells us God hears and answers our prayers, but we struggle to hear Him. Often this is because we have our say, but don’t take time to listen to Him. We are so busy living our lives, that we don’t see His answers to our prayers.

To hear God, we need to open our eyes to what God is doing around us. We need to quieten our hearts and take time to reflect, so that we can hear Him give us clarity and wisdom.

Lord, help me to slow down and make time to be still and hear what you are saying.



Today is THE Day.

Read Zephaniah 3:17 (https://bit.ly/2vdbrcF)

Try to think about these thoughts for the whole day long

God is right there with you wherever you might go!
He will protect you from anything that wants to hurt you today.
He is excited and so joyful about your life.
He has already forgiven all of your sins and you can now freely walk in His grace and mercy.

You can just focus on shining out His love and kindness to others today.

Think about this God is singing and rejoicing over you today!
Crazy right?!

Try and keep that in your mind today as you do you!