In the Lord of the Rings – the Fellowship of the Ring, Gandalf is explaining to Frodo that Sauron has returned and the One Ring is calling out to him. When Frodo realises that the Dark Riders are on their way to find the ring he offers it to Gandalf. Gandalf rejects the temptation and through this Frodo realises that it is his responsibility to do something. Without further hesitation he says, ‘what must I do?’
Seems to me this is the kind of obedience that we need to have when God calls us to do something – even when we’re not exactly sure of the way forward. A bit like Isaiah in Isaiah 6v1-8 (http://bit.ly/138U6h6).. What could God be calling you to in this part of your life?



I’m mostly glad Argo won an Oscar for best picture. Tony Mendez is a CIA agent who goes into Iran to rescue 6 people hiding in the Canadian embassy. He has to convince them to pretend to be a film crew that’s making a fake movie. If they get caught they’ll die – and some are just too scared to go with the plan. Eventually Tony says: ‘You have to trust me, this is what I do.’

Creating new things in our lives, setting us free, showing us the way to real life. That’s Jesus – it’s what he does. What do you need to trust him more with?

Read this Jesus story in Matthew 14 v 22-36 here: http://bit.ly/10yTQru




#seeingtheStoryinmoviesSkyfall was the best Bond movie for ages. Bond appears to die at the beginning, comes back a broken man and needs to go back to Skyfall – his childhood home – to defeat an enemy who threatens everything he stands for. Who’d want to go back to childhood? It’s a hard and sometimes painful time. Jesus, at 12 years old (Luke 2v41-52), was found learning about his Father and getting to know other believers. The best way to help ourselves deal with hard times as we grow is to spend time getting to know our Father and taking our questions to other believers who will listen – just like Jesus.Luke 2 here: http://bit.ly/15VCqd8#vicardave