#seeingtheStoryinmoviesSkyfall was the best Bond movie for ages. Bond appears to die at the beginning, comes back a broken man and needs to go back to Skyfall – his childhood home – to defeat an enemy who threatens everything he stands for. Who’d want to go back to childhood? It’s a hard and sometimes painful time. Jesus, at 12 years old (Luke 2v41-52), was found learning about his Father and getting to know other believers. The best way to help ourselves deal with hard times as we grow is to spend time getting to know our Father and taking our questions to other believers who will listen – just like Jesus.Luke 2 here: http://bit.ly/15VCqd8#vicardave



In the first Hobbit movie, unexpected guests invite Bilbo to join them on a big, scary adventure. Bilbo would much rather stay where life is warm, safe and easy – but he joins them at the last minute. On the journey, he sees things he never dreamed of, meets awesome creatures, and discovers who he really is.

Jesus invites us into a big, scary adventure too – one where we will face danger and discover new things about ourselves. He says ‘Come follow me’ (Matthew 4:19) – ‘see where I lead. It won’t necessarily be safe, but it will be good’. Will you follow Jesus and see where the adventure takes you?

Read Matthew 4 here: http://bit.ly/ZMw6jh


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#seeingtheStoryinfilm #avengers
The Avengers are a mixed bunch! Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man … All sorts of abilities and powers; they don’t always get along – but they sort things out and save the world.

Jesus has asked you and me to work with Him to save the world. But we don’t get to pick the people we do it with. Some Christians I like, some I don’t … but Jesus does. Just like the body in 1 Corinthians 12, we need to work together for the big adventure we’re all in together. We may not like all of the church – but we need it
Read 1 Corinthians 12 here: http://bit.ly/Z1dsTk



I LOVED The Hunger Games movie!
I loved the heroine Katniss and how she faced up to the horrible, gruesome fight she was forced into. I loved how she overcame it all without giving up her unique identity, using her skill and just the right weapons to overcome everything that was stacked against her. Like Katniss we’re in the arena – called to live for Jesus in world that doesn’t know him.

That’s hard! But like Katniss we have just the right weapons: faith, peace, salvation, the Bible, prayer so that we too can stand firm. Life is hard and ugly sometimes, but there’s hope and the promise of rest for those who overcome.
Read Ephesians 6v10-18 here: http://bit.ly/11iPkh0