Wow God, this has been a week of temptation. If I didn’t know you better, I may have thought that you were setting me up! But I know a while ago, when I was feeling strong, you challenged me to make some wise decisions about who I am (who you’ve made me to be) and how that impacts on the way I live.

This week, I’ve felt weak, but those decisions are helping me to stick to your best plan for me. Thank you for speaking to me then and backing me up with your Spirit now. You really are good to me.

Psalm 73v2, 25-26 (http://bit.ly/1ar4uD8)




God, things at home aren’t going so well. I feel desperate. Do you see what’s happening? Can you hear me?

‘I cry to you for help when my heart is overwhelmed. Lead me to the towering rock of safety’ (Psalm 61v1-4 http://bit.ly/13kz4NZ).. You’re here with me in the midst of it all… comforting and loving me, showing me the truth through your word… you’re the place where I can hide now. And you know what hurts.

Could you also please show me someone ‘safe’ who I can share about my home situation with… someone who won’t judge, someone I can trust? Thanks, my God-rock.



God, it’s been a whole year since we began the WordSpace. Thank you for your faithfulness. We didn’t have everything figured out when we started, but we felt your leading to go ahead anyway. Thank you for all those who read the Bible because of the WordSpace – bless them, protect them and lead them. Let them encounter you daily here in the small spaces of their days in order to make a big impact in their lives, and those around them.

God, we want to be those who are marked by your grace and blessing this coming year. “God, let all people thank and enjoy you!” Psalm 67v1-2 http://bit.ly/1dw7Ckv



God, I’ve been doing a lot of Bible reading this week.

It’s easy to get excited by what I read, but a lot harder to put into practise.

James 1v22-24 (http://bit.ly/18VIVyr) talks about being Word-doers and not just Word-hearers.

Not doing your word is like looking in the mirror to check out how I look & then walking away saying what did I look like again? That’s so often what I do.

Jesus, show me how to be a Word-doer! And thank you for your word that sets me free from all other words spoken over me, about me & to me.