#Danger!Gevaar!Ingozi! PLAYING WITH FIRE

You accidentally clicked on a link and started watching porn. You’ve been watching movies full of sex and nudity. You and your bae have been making out (kissing, touching, getting naked) but never actually having sex. That’s OK, isn’t it? No! “Don’t lustfully fanticise on her (his) beauty, or be taken in by her (his) bedroom eyesCan you build a fire in your lap and not burn your pants?” (Proverbs 6:25,27,28 – https://bit.ly/2GqFsPZ).

Kick sin to the curb! Repent (say sorry to God). Ask the Holy Spirit to help you change. Confess to a trusted Christ-follower and be accountable to them. Then walk in victory and forgiveness because you and God have got this!