People say things about us all the time. They are just words, but we take them to heart and believe them. In 2 Samuel, Mephibosheth was called a cripple (i.e. useless) and so saw himself as useless too.

If we allow ourselves to be defined by these lies, we forget our true value. How silly is that? Letting others control us when they don’t really know us.

Don’t let what others say change you. Be defined by HIM who knows you best. And HE says you are loved, adopted, valuable, chosen. So stand up tall and fulfil your destiny.

1 John 3:1


What defines you?

What defines you? So often we let the bad things that happen to us, define us: I’m just a victim, a failure, a poor girl. This is wrong! You don’t describe a phone by the fact that it fell in mud and needed cleaning. Neither are you defined by what has happened to you.

You are defined by the One who created you; defined by your Father. And your Father is King of the Universe. He adopted you: you are not a cripple or a mistake. You are a Child of the King.

Therefore, live up to that reality in everything you do.


Christmas Week

It’s Christmas week! Anticipation fills the air. No matter how you celebrate Christmas, there’s no denying that the week feels different.

I wonder how God must have been feeling, knowing He was about to send Jesus to earth. How Mary and Joseph must have been feeling, knowing their son was going to be born any minute. My word, the anticipation must have been intense on heaven and earth!

Jesus’s birth was God’s way of adopting us into his family, forever. As anticipation builds over these next few days, remember where it all started; why it all started.

Galatians 4:4 -5