The God Particle?

A lot of scientists got really excited about the Big Bang Theory this week. The um, real theory – not the one about Sheldon and Penny…

What was the big deal? They found something pretty close to proof that the Big Bang Theory (14 billion years ago) is true (read the story here: )

Is that a challenge to what you believe about God the Creator? It shouldn’t be!

The Genesis story is not about how or when things came to be, it’s about who God is, who we are (and some other stuff too )

Let’s read the Bible to see what it says about God’s Story, our story and God’s new creation plan. Let’s listen to the scientists about how exactly the world around us works. It’s an awe- and worship-inspiring picture…




Wondered why more people don’t follow Jesus? Feel like Christians are targets? An atheist said this on Friday: ‘You see, Christians, people don’t object to what you believe in. They object to your behaviour… There’s a big difference between objecting to a belief, and objecting to having that belief forced on everyone.'(Full article here:

It’s important to have good reasons for our faith, but arguments don’t always change people. Jesus said: ‘This is how everyone will recognize that you are my discipleswhen they see the love you have for each other.’

Check out Ephesians 6v12 ( How can you upgrade your ‘love-one-another?’