Primary needs and wishes.

In John 6:28-29 ( the people asked Jesus what they have to do to be able to serve God properly.

Whenever we think of the word ‘work’, it brings to mind a job/task that we have to DO. But, Jesus challenges us with His answer here. BELIEVE IN ME, was His straight-to-the-point answer. As believers we have to continue to believe in Christ.

It may seem easy but keeping positive and trusting Jesus is not always easy or lekker. A big part of believing is remembering.

Jesus wants us to remember Him, remember what He did for us.

Try and memorize John 3:16 (



Doubting Thomas. The poor guy gets a bad rap. But his action shows us that our faith is based on a real Jesus, who actually lived, really died, and rose again just as he promised.

Sometimes things happen and our faith is shaken. Like, a loved one passes away, or gets seriously ill, or this whole uncertainty with COVID19. Jesus didn’t skel Thomas for doubting, but instead helped him see.

If you have doubts, don’t panic.
Remember that Jesus understands our humanness.
Doubt is not failure or even unbelief.
Ask Him to help you see, and just as He helped Thomas, He will help you too!

John 20:24-31 (




Read Romans 10:10-13 (

In the news we often read about people who are murderers, who are corrupt and people who have abused others etc. and verse 13 challenges me to remember that these people can know Jesus.

‘Anyone who calls on the Lord will be saved.’

God’s salvation is not limited to those who have a certain life style or do specific things, it does not discriminate. It is accessible for all, it is about believing in Jesus before behaving for Jesus. In 2019 how will you, a Jesus follower, share the possibility for salvation for everyone.



Read Romans 10:2-4 (

We live in a world where everybody wants to call the shots, be the boss and have the money. When it comes to our faith it does not work that way.

In verses 2-4 we see the Jewish people wanting to follow God but they do not know God’s way to follow God, instead, they do it their own way. We are reminded that Jesus ended the law and that we are only made right when we believe in Him. This is God’s term for salvation.

This is Good News! For 2019 how can you live knowing this Good News and sharing it with others?