In Mark 9:24 ( we read that a man said to Jesus “I believe, help my unbelief.” I often feel like speaking the same words to Jesus because I believe that Jesus is good, but sometimes I doubt. “Jesus I believe, but sometimes I doubt – help my doubt.”

Do you doubt that Jesus is good?
Do you doubt that Jesus cares about you?

The answer is to cry out like this man, “Jesus, help my doubts.” Why don’t you take your doubts to someone at your church or someone at Scripture Union?




Matthew Mole – It’s Simple Child

We live in a world which complicates and confuses truth. Matthew Mole sings “Because I – I believe in such a faith, Strong enough that it will break these, Worldly intentions and make a change”. These are simple lyrics. He believes in a faith which makes change in the world!

Romans 10:9 ( simplifies the core of the Christian faith to declaring Christ as Lord and believing it in your hearts. This morning I urge you to ask God to reveal this truth to your heart. Make this ‘heart belief’ of Christ as Lord the soundtrack of your life.



Do you have that friend who refuses to believe in God for lack of evidence?

American journalist, Lee Strobel, made it his mission to disprove the existence of God after seeing his wife take “a blind leap of faith into religion” and became a Christian. It led him to discover that the accounts of Jesus’ death and resurrection are historically reliable. It led him to becoming a Christian himself.

The Case for Christ, based on the New York Times best-selling book, is a movie which shows that the Christian faith is real. When you watch it, why not invite some of your friends who are curious about the Christian faith?

Read 1 Peter 3:15 here –