We obey Him by meditating on all of the Bible.

Following Jesus means being saved by Him every day as He is our “Saviour” (Titus 2:13) and obeying Him as He is our “Lord” (John 20:28).

We obey Him by meditating on all of the Bible.

In Joshua 1:8 (, Joshua was told to meditate on God’s words. Meditation is like chewing. When I chew food I munch it over and over again until it can be swallowed. When I meditate on the words of the Bible I think about them over and over until I know them well.

Am I meditating on the words of the Bible?
I don’t do it very often, but by the power of the Holy Spirit, I know I will.



Maybe getting to know our great beeeg God is a bit overwhelming. Where do we even start? How do we get to know God when we don’t see Him physically? Over the next few Mondays, let’s look at some practical ways on getting to Jesus J


The Bible is God on paper. Get to know the Bible. Be intentional about reading your Bible. When the notification for WS posts come through, open it up, read it, read the portion of scripture being used – maybe read the whole chapter where the verse comes from, even if it’s not part of the post.

Read Psalm 119:9-16 (



Hidden Figures was an incredible movie that told the less-known story of a few black women who played key roles during the race to land on the moon. This movie reminds us that often we don’t know the whole story.

As followers of Jesus if we only listen to the preach on Sundays and don’t spend time in the Bible we may find that we miss out on the full story. Acts 17:11 ( tells a beautiful story of a group called the Bereans who received Paul’s preaching with eagerness but then later checked it with the scriptures. We need to be reading the Bible regularly so that we continue to grow our understanding of the whole story.




Apparently, we know more about the moon than we know about the depths of the oceans on our own planet. That’s how impenetrable and inaccessible the deep sea is.

Micah says to God, ‘Once again You will have compassion on us. You will trample our sins under Your feet and throw them into the depths of the ocean!’ (Micah 7:19

God got rid of your sin. He drowned it in the unfathomable depths of the deepest sea. How awesome that you don’t need to keep on calling it to mind when He has put it completely out of His.