How do you react when someone says something rude or mean to you? Honestly, I’m often tempted to shoot something straight back and take them down with an angry response. Here’s some wisdom from Proverbs that’s really, really helped me:

‘A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare’ (Proverbs 15:1)

It’s so true! This has helped me get out of potentially ugly scenes in traffic, at home, all kinds of places. A gentle answer is so effective at calming everyone down. Since our mouths speak from our hearts it’s worth asking the Spirit to help us grow gentleness there too.

Proverbs 15 here:

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I LOVED The Hunger Games movie!

I loved the heroine Katniss and how she faced up to the horrible, gruesome fight she was forced into. I loved how she overcame it all without giving up her unique identity, using her skill and just the right weapons to overcome everything that was stacked against her. Like Katniss we’re in the arena – called to live for Jesus in world that doesn’t know him.

That’s hard! But like Katniss we have just the right weapons: faith, peace, salvation, the Bible, prayer so that we too can stand firm. Life is hard and ugly sometimes, but there’s hope and the promise of rest for those who overcome.

Read Ephesians 6v10-18 here:



Are You The Law?

Judge Dredd is comic book about agents who are given authority to pursue, arrest, prosecute, and punish criminals. Sylvester Stallone played Dredd in a movie that probably isn’t going to win any awards. His catch phrase is ‘I AM THE LAW.’

The Pharisees who caught a woman in adultery were also ready to kill her without mercy. Jesus stopped them in their tracks by telling them this: whoever hadn’t sinned could deliver the punishment.

How quickly do you leap into judging people who you feel have done wrong? Are you ready to pronounce their guilt and pull the trigger like Dredd? God, give us wise, loving and merciful hearts like Jesus, even when people really upset us.

Read how the story ends in John 8v1-11 here:

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Eyes on the Unseen

How are you feeling as you get ready for today? Are you thinking of the things you’re struggling with: conflicts you’re caught in, the test you haven’t really studied for, the habits you’re definitely going to avoid today? Or are you focusing on something better?

Someone once said we tend to move towards the things our eyes are focused on. Is that true for you? What if you fixed your eyes on what is unseen, the hope to which Jesus has called you, the fearfully and wonderfully made person you are, and on Jesus himself who is God’s great YES to us?

Great verse on that in Ephesians 1v18: