God sees us as valuable.
We know this because He created us.
“So God created mankind (human beings) ” Genesis 1:27 ( .
It is a fact that God made us – God is our Maker. Wow, we have a Creator.

Gravity is a fact. Gravity is the force that keeps us ‘stuck’ to the surface of the earth. In the same way that Gravity is true, it is true that God made me and you. Here is something that will blow your mind. We are valuable because we have been created by the Creator.
No one or nothing can steal this FACT from us.




Genesis 1:1 (

I live in a really beautiful part of the country and every day something catches my eye and makes me say “Oh, it’s beautiful”. Often I need to remind myself of the One behind all of this. It doesn’t just happen.

God, the incredible Creator and Author of all beauty, is breath-taking.

When we see an amazing photo or picture, we give credit to the painter or photographer. We acknowledge their skills. Today, acknowledge God’s eye for beauty in everything around you. Your friends, your pets, the flowers, the sunset. You.

God has an eye for beauty.