As individuals, we make many decisions each day. Some decisions are good and others are bad. Sometimes we are indecisive.

You might be facing the challenge of making the decision of which high school or university to attend. Maybe you are facing a dilemma of choosing subjects or a course, the kind of music to listen to or which friends to hang out with.

Whatever the choices might be for you, allow God’s will to guide you. Seek His way above all else. We have a Heavenly Father who knows each of us better than we know ourselves.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (



Living out your faith means letting God be involved in all of your decisions. Living out your faith involves having a relationship with God (check out the #KnowingGod posts on how to go about this).

We need to be in constant communication with God about the choices we are making. His guidance is key. It may be difficult to follow it sometimes because we don’t see the master plan #BiggerPicture – but He does!

AND He works everything out for your good!
Read Romans 8:28 (

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How are you involving God in all of your decisions?