Mental health

Anxiety and depression are growing problems for teens today. Maybe you can relate. Pressure to succeed at school, trying to fit in, uncertainty about COVID19 etc., can contribute to anxious thoughts.

Christians are not excluded, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.
In fact, take a look at Psalms 42 ( and 43 ( and see how the writer was openly honest with his raw emotion. This guy is not shy about telling God exactly what he is feeling. It’s really gut wrenching stuff. So take your anxious thoughts to God. Remember, He hears your prayers and will lift you up.




In 2002 I went into a dark depression. I was so sad for so long, that I even thought of killing myself. One night I remember taking a knife from the kitchen and just when I was about to cut myself, I thought about Jesus. As soon as I started to turn to Him in prayer, He SURROUNDED ME WITH HIS PRESENCE, like He promised (Matthew 28:20 –

If you ever go through a time of depression, remember your Lord Jesus and pray to Him. Another way of turning to Jesus is by talking to an older Christian in your life – who can you go talk to about your depression?